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8x8 pillow case,Come graph custom-made embrace cushion,the quality of organic design is normally essential. The sharpness and design impact of the pattern will impact the printing impact of the pattern,particularly when you need to customize the picture cushion,if there is definitely any doubt you can consult online customer services help ! And the quality should end up being higher than 72dpi,so as to ensure a better printing impact.1. Avoid overstretching images:If the picture pixel is not enough,perform not really overstretch the first picture,forced to raise the picture pixel,therefore simple to cause the picture printing blurred,it is definitely recommended to transformation the picture or look for help from customer provider.2,Transparent history effect is better,Do not use too many pictures of transparent areas,or actually if the size is plenty of,also can impact the printing effect,is part of the reason is that too very much background area, but the picture does not really match the requirements of -pixel patterns of pixels. The pattern series should not be too thinTo assure printing impact,resemble this below "little home" hold a pillow to possess creativity very much. If you put this type of pillow in the homestay,Cushion may be printed on both edges,you may printing different patterns on the front,or the same design,want this cushion,printed a pair of spectacular and shy eyelashes Pillow Cases Sale

Records for personalized throw pillows: quantity requirements.The more customized quantity,the more affordable the price!

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