Shipping Policy

The standard distribution

If you choose standard delivery, your purchase of Buy1Design goods will be delivered within 3-5 days from the date of order.

Can an order be sent to more than one address?
Unfortunately, each order can only be sent to one address.

How to check my order

Once the order is shipped, you receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information. You can use the link attached to your email to track your shipping progress.

How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping on all products

Why is my order late

There are several possible reasons for the delay in shipment, including:

This order is on hold pending further review to comply with export regulations

This order contains a value added item or other customer requirements (such as date codes, continuous bars, etc.), so additional processing time is required

The freight company we cooperate with has been delayed due to the bad weather.If the shipment is delayed due to weather factors, it will be marked on the Buy1Design website at the time of your order and you will receive an email notification of shipment delay.